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Get rid of flying insects – Spring 2018 update.

The Flies are back in town

We’ve all been longing for the hot weather and now its finally here! Of course, that means that the flies, bees and wasps are all making a comeback. It won’t be long before flies are getting in everywhere and everyone at Acclaim Environmental will be helping our customers to get rid of flying insects.

Flying Insects carry disease

Flies are one of the most underestimated pests out there in terms of the damage that they can do. With extremely unsavoury habits when it comes to ingesting food, they carry a wide variety of diseases and bacterias that can cause severe illness. Attracted to excrement, they will then seek out human food….which you then inadvertently eat… after they have paddled in poo. Not good.
Fruit Fly.
Fruit Fly.
In fact, flies should trigger the same sort of reaction as you would experience if you saw a rat nibbling your sandwich – you would be disgusted and probably throw your food away. So why do we put up with flies? Well, flying insects are everywhere for a start off – flies are ubiquitous and always present whereas rats tend to keep out of sight and out of mind. Because flying insects are so common, its a case of ‘familiarity breeds indifference’. We don’t mind flying insects because, most of the time, they cause no problem at all. They buzz past us as we exercise, go to the shops or sit in the garden. But, my goodness, in the wrong places, flies are a complete nuisance. Linked with poor health and poor hygiene, flies are distasteful and can often cause distress and disgust.

Get rid of flying insects

There are a few ways we can keep flies out of your business or home:
  1. Fly Screens
  2. Electric Fly Killers
  3. Chemical Control
  4. Non-toxic traps
So, clearly good quality fly screens are the best, most environmentally friendly method to get rid of flying insects. The best thing about flying insect screens is that they look modern and contemporary whilst ensuring that no flies are actually killed. Electric Fly Killers are a great investment but you tend to get what you pay for. A £30 machine from Amazon will not be as attractive to flies as a £300 machine. Also, a better quality machine will last you many happy years of insect free living if it is regularly serviced. Chemical control is effective but we shouldn’t be looking to chemical control as the first line of defence. Chemical control use should always be seen as a last resort. Non-toxic traps are really good but tend to get rid of flying insects best when they are outside. Internal ones can bequite unsightly. Acclaim Environmental is a supplier and installer of premium quality insect screening and electric fly machines. If you are having problems with flies in your house and want to get rid of flying insects, why not give us a call and we can advise you. Call us on 0800 092 5259.

Pest Control Birmingham

Do you require pest control in Birmingham? We hope you don’t but, sometimes pest problems occur through no fault of your own. At Acclaim Environmental, we’ve been solving pest control problems for 25 years – check us out at Which? Trusted Traders. We’ve earned an excellent reputation for our professional standards, efficient services and groundbreaking CLEAR 5-stage pest control system. Acclaim Environmental are pest control specialists for domestic and commercial clients and provides the same high level of service every time. As members of the British Pest Control Association, We get rid of insects such as ants, carpet beetles or fleas, as well as the larger pests like rats, mice and squirrels. No matter which pests have made themselves at home in your property you can rely on the team at Acclaim Environmental to solve your pest control problem.  A Fast and Efficient Service When pests rear their head in your property, you won’t want to wait too long for a pest control specialist to attend. We have ‘same day’ call-out options for emergency pest control so you don’t wait longer than you need to. We have the training, technology and experience to ensure that pests are removed from your home or business premises as quickly as possible – with maximum discretion. If you have any questions, or you’d like to discuss your requirements with one of the team, don’t hesitate to call 0800 092 5259. Alternatively, browse the website to find out more about this leading pest control firm in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Bird Spikes Leicester

Help is at hand if you require bird spikes in Leicester. At Acclaim Environmental, we offer a host of solutions designed to keep your property safe from pests, and you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about our services. We are a supplier of premium pest control products and are able to count a number of big-name companies and organisations amongst our client base. We can provide long-term proofing to help you avoid pest-related problems in future, and always pay close attention to your needs to ensure we’re matching you up with the right solutions for your circumstances. Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve At Acclaim Environmental, we are passionate about beating your expectations. All work is carried out by BPCA-trained professionals, and flexible payment options are available. We have been providing pest control services of the highest standard since the 1980s and regularly assist homeowners, public sector organisations, restaurants, bars, pubs and a host of businesses of all sizes. We always use the latest and most reliable technology and equipment to bring the results that you require and always aim to keep chemical use to an absolute minimum. Why not find out more today? Please click here to read our previous article.

Commercial Pest Control London

Pests can contaminate your workplace, spread disease, damage your products and property which can potentially ruin your reputation beyond repair. Sadly, this can all lead to loss of business and even prosecution in some cases. As a result, if you know, or even suspect, that you have a pest problem, it’s essential that you take steps to protect your business and your customers. Many people who are looking to invest in a commercial pest control service in London hire Acclaim Environmental. The team have assisted countless businesses with pest problems since 1989 and have forged an excellent reputation for their professional, efficient and scientific approach.

Preventing Future Pest Risks

Tackling an existing pest problem is only half the battle. Acclaim Environmental can also provide specialist cleaning services to help protect against future pest risks. Whether it’s rodents such as mice or rats that have made themselves at home in your business premises; insects; or even birds, you can rest assured that our team can assist. Browse our website to find out more about Acclaim Environmental and its commercial pest control services in London. Call 0800 092 5259 to discuss your requirements with one of the team today.

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Domestic Pest Control Oxford

It’s so important to solve pest problems in your home as quickly as possible: the health and protection of your family depend on it. If you discover that your house has been infested, you’ll no doubt be keen to resolve it immediatley. After all, there are few things more disconcerting than knowing you’re sharing your living space with rodents such as mice and rats, or insects like fleas or bedbugs. You’d be surprised how many people contact Acclaim Environmental when they require domestic pest control in Oxford. Our team of pest control experts have been solving and preventing pest problems like yours since 1989 and have a very long list of happy clients throughout the area. Much of Acclaim Environmental’s business is won as a result of personal recommendations, and this is very much a testament to the high level of service that our team regularly deliver.
Expert Advice on Proofing and Prevention
Once they have taken care of the pests in your home, the team will look to provide you with expert advice regarding proofing and prevention. They’ll help you ensure that the pests don’t make an unwelcome return to your property in the future. If you’d like to know more about Acclaim Environmental and its services, take a look around the website today. Or call 0800 092 5259 to discuss your requirements. Please click here to read our previous article.