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Badger Control

Need to know about Badger Control?

Badger ControlBadgers are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. Unless specified under specific authorised culls, badger control it is currently illegal if it involved killing or injuring the animal. You can get into a lot of trouble for hurting badgers. In fact, the Act also makes it illegal even to damage or interfere with a badger set.

If you need support with badger control, the best thing you can do is download an advice leaflet from you local council website. Badgers cannot be set upon by a dog or disturbed in any way.

Badger sets cannot be obstructed or damaged. However, certain exemptions do apply and more information can be found by contacting the Wildlife Trust or RSPCA

There are various products that some companies sell that claim to get rid of badgers. To be clear, at Acclaim Environmental, we’re not utterly convinced that they’re effective. That’s why we don’t sell them. They can be quite pricey and we couldn’t look ourselves in the eye if you bought one and it only had very limited success.

Good fencing and effective management of the environment can keep badgers off your property.

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