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Why You Need Pest Control...

For Your Business: Here’s Why You Need Pest Control..

  • You Need Pest Control because Pests have the potential to contaminate the spaces they invade and can spread disease
  • Products and foodstuffs can be damaged and contaminated rendering them worthless
  • Pests can cause damage to property
  • Your reputation is worth protecting. Loss reputation leads to loss of business and prosecution

Good Pest Control Prevents Contamination and Disease

  • Food, equipment and work surfaces can be contaminated with the urine and faeces, secretions, hairs and body parts that pests leave behind. Pathogens and parasites carried by pests species can spread to your staff, customers and visitors causing illness and stress.

You Need Good Pest Control to Safeguard your Environment, your Products, your People….and therefore your Business

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  • Rodents such as mice rats and squirrels all have a characteristic need to gnaw constantly. This can cause damage in a variety of ways that could in turn have a detrimental affect to your business. Their strong teeth can easily puncture wood and aluminium causing damage to property. The worst cases have resulted in fires when cables have been chewed.
  • Rodents will eat a wide range of foodstuffs and can can contaminate and destroy vast quantities of product, sometimes numbering in many tonnes. Foodstuffs can also be decimated by insects with entire shipments being rejected and finished goods recalled if insect contamination is found present.
  •  Insects can block production machinery and the delays caused by the presence on insects in a food related site can be long and costly. Animal feeds are particularly susceptible to damage by insects.
  • Bird droppings and residue can spread disease. Bird debris also known as guano can damage buildings, prove unsightly and unappealing to your customers and cause slips and trips, leaving property owners open to prosecution. Bird Nests can block up gutters and chimney flues whilst also encouraging pest species of insects to thrive in their residues.

Poor Pest Control can destroy your reputation and your business..

  • In some cases, a business and its reputation never recovers from a pest infestation. Good pest control can spare a business owner from suffering this worst case scenario.
  •  Unfortunately the media loves to publish stories about businesses which have been prosecuted or fined for having pest infestations and poor hygiene.

Acclaim Environmental -“The Pest Control People” will keep your Business Legal

  1. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires you to provide a safe working environment.
  2. The Food Safety Act 1990 and  The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 requires that you ensure adequate procedures are in place for controlling pests
  3. Due Diligence requires that you use a comprehensive reporting system
Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to – Complete and immediate closure of your premises and fines of up to £20 000 or up to 6 months in prison.
  • Acclaim Environmental will make sure that your business meets all its pest control health and safety requirements to the highest standard. That way, you can focus on doing what you do best.
  • The health and safety of your business, staff, customers, and reputation, is a responsibility we take very seriously.

We are proud BPCA Members

BPCA-member-logo-rgb-on-white-webWe have many years of pest control experience and hundreds of satisfied customers since being established back in the 1980’s. We are also proud members of the BPCA (the British Pest control Association). It is the premier trade association for Professional Pest Control Companies.  It means you can trust that we will:
  • Adhere to our Industry Code of Conduct of Practice
  • Give you detailed advice on pest prevention measures
  • Provide comprehensive reporting systems covering all treatment aspects
  • Meet all your legal and due diligence requirements
  • Be safe and ensure your staff, customers and members of the public are protected through RISL and COSHH assessments
  • Make sure all our Pest Control technicians are trained and qualified experts committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What does our being a BPCA Member mean for you?

It means you can be assured that the products and services you receive are from a trained and trusted company. It also means that our company meets their strict membership criteria. We earn our BPCA logo and display it with pride.

We are BASIS PROMPT registered

logo-promptThis means you can be assured that we are on the BASIS PROMPT register, we are highly qualified and committed to Continuing Professional Development.      

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