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The Clear 5 Stage Pest Control System

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Acclaim Environmental’s unique 5 Stage Pest Control System is a science based approach to pest management which means we always deliver service and treatment plans based on thorough assessments and evidence, leaving nothing to chance.

We have defined it because you deserve to have CLEAR knowledge of how we are going to operate on your property. 

Communicate→Locate→Execute Treatment→Analyse→Recommendation

C is for Communicate

851We start by finding out about what you’ve been going through in your home or business and what drove you to contact us.

We’ll have a conversation where we’ll gather as much information about the situation as we can, including how long you’ve had the problem, what you’ve seen and heard and why pests are making your life miserable or unsafe. It may be that you don’t have pests in your home or business at the moment, but want to make sure that you never do.

We’ll leave no stone uncovered. Obviously, communication goes two ways, so you can ask us whatever you like at any stage of the process. When we have a clear picture of your needs, we’ll discuss possible treatment programmes or other solutions to your problem.

We believe communication is the key to any valuable relationship, so keeping you informed about everything we do in your property and around the house, business and people you care about is vital.

L is for Locate

Dan searching web readyAfter you decide that you’d like us to go ahead with protecting you, your property and assets from the effects of pests, we’ll conduct a full building inspection.

We’ll go into every nook and cranny in order to locate the pests and find out how they got in.

This is exhaustive and may require internal inspection, subterranean inspection of drains and a wider survey of the surrounding geographical location.

 E is for Execute Treatment

810This stage is where all the investigation pays off. When we get to the ‘Execute’ stage, we’ve acquired a complete understanding of your problem. Based on our years of experience and training, along with specific observations and evidence gathered, we build and implement an adaptable treatment plan designed just for you.  This responsible , science-based approach means that although we’re efficient at removing your problem, we also remove the causes of your problem.

We’ll use the very latest technology and techniques to solve your problem as soon as possible. We are sticklers for best practice and will only use poisons as a last resort. We’ll always use non toxic methods (such as humane trapping and proofing) if we know they will do the job just as effectively.  This, along with environmental management (cleaning, tidying and proofing) can usually cure your problem.  We’ll also make sure you have our ‘covers-all-bases’ reports and health and safety documentation every time we visit you.


A is for Analyse

802Analysis and ongoing reassessment of the treatment is a crucial part of great pest control. We do this to keep you safe and ensure that the initial problem is completely resolved.

Our pest control pedigree dictates that an open mind is the best ally when carrying out treatments. Not all pests behave the same way: Understanding how a treatment is progressing is important – but adapting quickly and effectively when the unexpected is found is the hallmark of experts.

Sometimes treatments can be completed in the same day, others can take longer. Every treatment is different and one size does not fit all. We’ll talk through our results with you, making sure you understand what they mean. As soon as the problem is fixed, we’ll move into the last stage of the CLEAR system.

R is for Recommendation

acclaimwhichGood advice and recommendations for the future are crucial for long term success in pest control and prevention. We want to give you long-term protection rather than a short-term placebo.

Making sure we keep you free from pest problems going forward is what we’re here for. If you’re a home owner we’ll discuss measures you can take to keep pests out of your life. If it’s your business we’re looking after, we’ll also advise you on how to stay legal and protect your reputation going forward.

Our recommendations are built on decades of experience keeping people like you free from the distressing and destructive effects of pests. After all, we’re the Pest Control Specialists.


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