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Fluorescent Tube Recycling

Safe, Legal Fluorescent Tube Recycling

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Acclaim Environmental offers a simple fluorescent tube recycling option.  Our system satisfies your legal obligations regarding the safe and legal disposal of fluorescent tubes. Waste tubesFluorescent tubes are classified as Hazardous Waste by The Environment Agency. It’s not unusual for companies to be unaware of this. Fluorescent tubes end up being piled up in a quiet corner of a warehouse – a headache for another day. Getting rid of fluorescent tubes can be done later. Then the auditors arrive… The only legal way to solve the problem is recycling. Your company could incur a large fine if this isn’t done. As not many understand this,  fluorescent tubes normally sit around for years and get forgotten. They’re often stored incorrectly. This presents further hazards to customers and staff. We can give you a special container for them. You just pay on delivery and then call us up for collection when its full: it really is that simple. Its cheap when compared to large fines handed out to companies which dispose of then in the bin. Don’t worry if you’re unsure. We can guide you through what you need to do.

Waste Transfer Notes

We’ve helped lots of companies safely minimise the impact they have on the environment. We can arrange collection and on or off-site processing of all unwanted tubes. Waste Transfer Notes will be provided to give you a clear audit trail. We keep them for 7 years so we can always give you a copy if you lose one.

Carbon Footprint

Acclaim Environmental strives to ensure its carbon footprint is minimal. We run the latest economical service vehicles. We keep our chemicals in our cleaning and pest management to a minimum. Our current Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy documents are available on request

Paperless Reports

We now offer paperless pest control reports. If you don’t fancy another report book to add to your collection, ask us about this. Its a lot easier than struggling to find the book during an Environmental Health Officer spot check. Everyone knows its better for the planet too.

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