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Flyscreens are a necessity - not a luxury.

Flyscreens are a necessity – not a luxury.

Do you often find that after a long, hard winter, the first thing you want to do when the good weather arrives is to have a barbecue and reacquaint yourself with your patio? Flies and flyscreens are the last thing on your mind. You get the garden furniture out, search for charcoal leftover from last year, open a cool bottle of wine and relax outside. You do shuttle-runs from the kitchen to the patio with all manner of condiments, salads, and drinks. Eventually you can relax and leave the french windows open without any insect screens and enjoy good company and good food. Flyscreens are the last thing on your mind. Bliss.

 Well apart from the flying insects of course. Bliss often turns to ‘Buzz’.  Flies of all types just want to invade your home. And bees can be a bit of a pain. Oh, but nothing compared to the wasps – who can forget the wasps: The scourge of picnickers up and down the land.
  August is the month when wasp nests are at the height of their power so we get bombarded by them. Oh, and when it gets dark, the mosquitoes turn up. If you’re in the Scottish Highlands, you may also have the ever-present misery of the Scottish Midge.
Hmm. Dinner party anyone?
So out come the Citronella candles. Only they don’t really work that well do they? They do give a nice light but you still end up bitten. You want to use the outside light but that attracts then and if you open up your patio doors and turn the lights on inside, you fill your room with insects. So you sit in the dark with the windows shut. Spending thousands of pounds on large bi-fold patio doors seems a bit of a mistake at this point. It was because of these reasons that we decided this year to offer some seriously good quality insect screens for doors and windows. They offer immaculate protection for your home while allowing the outside…inside. Flyscreens used to be these quite ugly, utilitarian methods for controlling flies and wasps. You bought a wonderful conservatory, carefully selected expensive furniture after having had it decorated… and then hang up those horrid fly papers. Not a great look.
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Flyscreens are the answer.
Our technicians are trained to install the very best insect screens for your beautiful home. Why not get in touch and surprise yourself with the options available – we think you’ll be surprised by their looks and quality. If you’re happy living with the flies and wasps, or you don’t like opening the doors and windows, please don’t call. If you want to increase the flexibility of your living space, maybe it makes sense to call us on 0800 092 5259.
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There is a flyscreen there – but you don’t notice it.

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