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Food and Beverage Pest Control

Acclaim Environmental is a leading specialist for proactive hygiene and pest control for food and beverage manufacturers and processors

Protecting public health

Working with each customer to develop and deliver tailor-made pest control programmes, Acclaim Environmental ensures businesses operate safely, legally and in full compliance with current Government legislation.

All Acclaim Environmental’s pest control technicians are knowledgeable about the Food Safety Act 1990 and the latest Food Hygiene Regulations which govern food manufacturing and the preparation of food for public consumption.  By combining this knowledge with our exceptional experience in the pest control industry, we are able to ensure adequate pest control procedures are in place to control and prevent insect and rodent pests.

Integrated Pest Management

Food and Beverage Pest ControlAcclaim Environmental is tough on both pests and their root causes.  After an initial survey of your premises, Acclaim Environmental will develop a specific Integrated Pest Management programme to address any current and future rodent or insect pest control challenges.  Our thorough, methodical approach not only eradicates the existing problem but investigates the source of the problem; such as current processes, supply-chains and environmental factors, in order to alleviate the risk of future occurrences.

To help our customers reduce their risk of future pest problems we are also able to offer comprehensive and regular audit of premises to British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards.  This service can save customers time and money through foreseeing any potential problems and acting upon them quickly before any significant damage is done.

Environmentally sensitive

As with all of Acclaim Environmental’s pest management solutions, the chemicals we use for our food and beverage manufacturing clients are environmentally sensitive and we strive to keep use of chemicals and toxic substances to a bare minimum.

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