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Garden Moles Removal & Control

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About Moles

  • Moles are small mammals around 20cm in length with grey or black fur which can be found throughout Britain. Most of us are unlikely to see one as they live underground in sometimes quite large networks of tunnels.
  • The lifespan of a Mole is around 3Garden moles years and the females will produce litters of 3-5 young, which leave their parents and start their own tunneling systems after just a few months.
  • They feed on worms and other invertebrates that are found in the ground and can burrow up to 100m a night.
  • Activity is greatest in gardens in late winter and early spring, although new tunnels can appear at any time of the year. 

Signs that indicate a Mole problem on your property:

As you may well have found out, the most obvious sign that you have these small mammals living under your lawn, garden or field are the unsightly mounds of soil, also known as “mole hills” that they leave behind as they excavate their tunnels.

How can Moles cause damage to your property

  • Mole hills left by garden molesThey can cause the ground to become unstable and holes to appear, not only damaging the foundations of your land but also creating safety risks. Even small populations can do significant damage to country parks, play areas, sports fields and other green spaces.
  • There is the unsightly disruption to lawns as well as the safety hazard to the general public due to unlevel ground. Mole hills and subsidence caused by burrowing have even been known to result in injury to grazing cattle or horses (and their riders).
  • Whilst moles do not feed on plants, they will disturb the roots of plants in gardens and flower beds. This can be particularly damaging to newly seeded lawns and other plant life above the ground.

Controlling Garden Moles- Pest Control, Treatment and Garden Mole Removal

 A Lovely lawn, free of mole hills and pesky garden moles
… a beautiful lawn in Northamptonshire, free from Garden Moles

Mole trapping is a skilful and underrated art form. We have amongst the best-trained mole catchers working in the UK today. If you need to get rid of moles, we can offer completely flexible pest control options that will keep your property clear of garden moles with minimum fuss. We are often called in when other attempts to catch moles have failed.

Get Rid of Garden Moles

Whether you are a farmer, estate manager or land owner needing to keep your fields, gardens or lawns looking beautifully clear of mole damage, Acclaim Environmental has the experience and skill to get rid of moles from your land before they get established and cause other, more serious problems. It makes sense to remove them quickly and efficiently.


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