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How to get rid of rats - Step 1: The Basics

How to get rid of rats – Step 1: The Basics

Getting rid of rats is as hard as you want it to be.

The war against rats has never beed more important with an ever-increasing human population in the UK. As we expand our influence on the countryside, rats will continue to exploit opportunities. Its important to understand the entire picture when learning how to get rid of rats. If you have a rat  problem, you’re probably asking ‘How do I get rid of rats?’ Well, you have to start with the basics.  Often during rat removal, no attention is paid to the environment. The pest control company is often assumed to have magic powers and is expected to perform the miracle of rat removal without the business owner tidying up. Well, We often get asked how to get rid of rats and when we survey the property, there will sometimes be foodstuff lying around the buildings. The client will often ask us questions like ‘Can you see why I have got rats? Is there anything obvious? Where are the rats coming from? Why?’ You have to open your eyes. Rats are the great survivors and will exploit any weakness. Why should a rat be interested in, say, 200g of rat poison when there is 100 metric tons of grain available because the grain store hasn’t been proofed? The answer: they won’t be.
IMG_1079 2
All-you-can eat rat buffet
Often, you probably don’t think that there is a chance of rats because the food you’re storing seems to be protected. Take the example of the photograph in this post. I took this on 20th January, 2016 in a very well respected company’s depot. This company is not negligent and they take pest control seriously. They called us in due to a rat problem and it was instantly obvious how  to get rid of rats for them. The containers are called ‘dolavs’ and usually come with a lid. There were high protein and high carbohydrate waste foods in the dolavs which is exactly what the rats were feeding on. One dolav was damaged underneath meaning the rats could climb into the bottom and have a great time: It was a never-ending conveyor belt of food for them.

How to get rid of rats

The problem was quickly fixed and we’re currently visiting every few days in line with agreed guidelines in order to protect their great reputation. The problem is that the team that kept the depot clean had let their usually high standards slip. They had made it difficult to get rid of rats. The problem would never have occurred if the compound had been clean and tidy. Our technician spent only one and a half hours cleaning up the site, arranging it an a tidy fashion and removing all the food. Now that is done, getting rid of rats in this compound should be straightforward. Keep your house in order and you’ll end up getting rid of rats much more quickly – and it’ll probably end up costing you less too.

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