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Hygiene & Specialist Cleaning

Grime is a crime – specialist cleaning is the answer.

Someone once said that 99% of good pest control is down to good specialist cleaning.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

  1. Your pest controller turns up for a scheduled pest control visit – which you’re paying for!
  2. They do the pest control inspection.
  3. They finish it and start to tell you all about your building and that you have a problem.
  4.  Although you’re paying for the service, this time they will NOT actually guarantee full control.
  5. They walk away and go on to their next customer. Meanwhile, you get a rodent in.
Why can’t they guarantee great pest control?

Because pest control is a mixture of many things including cleaning and tidying.

Wouldn’t it be better if you were offered solutions rather than problems?

Well,  that is what we do – we’re proactive.

We’ll take your headache away and can be done quicker that you think. Our teams can advise on and implement the specialist cleaning you need to keep you free from pests and ensure those you care about stay healthy, happy and prosperous. You’ll be happier concentrating on growing your business or spending time with family rather than doing the menial stuff.

Pest control is dependent on good cleaning

No matter what size of house you have or business you run, we’ll offer you tailored cleaning options when we visit you. If you don’t want us to do it, we’re more than happy to advise your current supplier.  Whether you own a farm or a factory, a house or a hotel, we can improve your environment whenever you need it.

Call us today on 0800 092 5259 to discuss your headache surrounding cleaning and pest control.  

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