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Office Pest Control

Need Office Pest Control?

A clean Pest free Conference roomAll business owners and managers have responsibilities to provide a hygienic and pest free environment for their staff. Acclaim Environmental pest control have many years experience in servicing large and small offices in a variety of industries. No one should have to work in a dirty, pest infested building. Our staff are passionate about helping offices to become happy, healthy and productive places that highlight a company’s professional image.

Time to work.

Most companies prefer it if Acclaim Environmental visit before their staff get to work. We like to get there early to ensure that everything is as it should be before your team gets stuck into the rigours of the day. Some pests also need treating after hours so that office staff are not disturbed. One of our largest clients has around 400 staff in open plan offices and we are proud to say that the majority of staff rarely sees us.

Office spring clean?

If you need rooms cleaning or maybe are having a clear out, our team can help with removal of large items from your premises. We can provide you with internal and external cleaning and tidying services to help you focus on your core business. We can also advise on the best proofing needs for your building as well as ongoing monitoring of pest species.

Lamp recycling.

Not sure what to do with those exhausted fluorescent tubes sitting in the store cupboard? Visit out recycling section so we can help you legally dispose of them…

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