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Vacancy: Pest Control Surveyor needed - We're hiring a salesperson!

Vacancy: Pest Control Surveyor needed – We’re hiring a salesperson!

Pest Control Surveyor Needed: Acclaim Environmental Technical Surveyor/ Salesperson: GREATER LONDON, HOME COUNTIES and SOUTH EAST


 ‘There are no bad prospects – only bad salespeople…’

                                                                    David H Sandler


Acclaim Environmental is obsessed with putting the professionalism back into pest control and promoting pest control as the vital, life-saving stalwart it should be regarded as.

We operate in a viciously competitive and price-sensitive market place.  

The thing is, we never compete on price:  in fact, we’re normally the most expensive option… but we get repeat business from many happy customers. Why do you think that is? What is the one reason customers invest more in us? Could you sell our proposition? Can you out-sell our cheaper competition at an ethical, premium price and ensure that the customer is still over the moon? We’re here to raise standards…can you do the same?


The role:-

The joy of this role is to find people in genuine pain and present them with solutions to make it all better – easy to say – harder to do. To be successful in this role you need to have:
  • A habit of seeking and uncovering the truth
  • A solid and demonstrable prospecting habit.
  • The moral fibre to walk away if our proposition can’t help a prospect.
  • An understanding of people and ability to put their best interests first
  • A drive to excel and achieve unlimited earnings
  • Possession of a full driving licence
  • An ability to fail …yes…that is not a typo.
  • An interest in developing new products and services
We like a bit of spirited discussion and love new ideas – shrinking violets need not apply. Maybe you’re that person that has loads of cool ideas but management ignores you?  If you enjoy a role which offers variety and you live within the M25 region or M4 corridor, we would love to hear from you.


Experience in selling subscription-based problem-solving products and services in this or similar industries will be an advantage. If you work in a sales system – (eg Sandler selling system,etc) that’ll help. We’re actually more interested in your attitudes, behaviours and beliefs. These will be uncovered at interview – besides, we have a proven training culture. It’ll help if you understand Pest Control and the different opportunities in the market.  We know no one is perfect but if you have the right attitude, we will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed to a level you’ve not yet realised you can get to. You should have a natural ability to spot opportunities and have a willingness to take on new ways of thinking about selling to new and existing customers. If you’re tired of selling low-value pest control contracts based on price, we may be refreshingly different for you. If you’re not having fun in sales, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll get the best training money can buy. We want you to be happy and fulfilled: One word of warning, though – sales in this market is tough, demanding and unforgiving. If you work better in a big, cuddly team and prefer excuses to accountability, you’ll definitely be happier elsewhere. Also, occasionally you may need to stay away overnight so please don’t apply if this will be a problem for you or your loved ones. All our sales people need to be able to present, communicate effectively and have the willingness to embrace personal growth through alternative methods of selling that may seem counter-intuitive at first.


You will earn a basic salary package with a very attractive commission scheme with a truly unlimited earning potential – (capping commission is moronic), regular incentives, a car, expenses, iPad and iPhone. You’ll get 20 days holiday (this will rise to 25 days in 5 years). In addition you may participate in fortnightly sales coaching with arguably the UK’s leading sales coach. We want to help you understand what makes you tick and how to be happy in life. The opportunities to progress your career are limitless for the right individual. If none of that motivates you…well, maybe we’re not going to be right for each other.  

Get in touch:

Often companies advertising for sales people will specify candidates should have  ‘an existing network of customers in our industry’. This is generally code for ‘please shaft your current employer by stealing all their best customers and bringing them to us’. Well, we’re not going to demand that you do this as we wouldn’t like it if someone tried to do it to us.  We’ll only help customers who are genuinely unhappy. If you’re interested, email us a letter explaining why you want to work with us and why you think you’d be a great member of our team. Also, include a link to your personal website (if you have one – don’t worry if you haven’t), LinkedIn or social media profile. We think a lot of CVs are waffle so don’t waste your time trying to perfect a CV that looks like everyone else’s. We need someone who is remarkable. We’ll want to know:
  1. What makes you a great salesperson?
  2. What is your attitude to money/prospects/sales?
  3. Tell us about your best sales, what you did throughout and how you closed the client
  4. Do you want to be truly exceptional in sales or do you just tell yourself you do?
  5. What habits do you have that help you to be a great sales person?
  6. Are you the finished, polished salesperson who can’t improve?
  7. Referees – 2 minimum
Email should come to: [email protected] if you need other contact details…well, if you’re right for us, you’ll figure that one out.

Pest Control Surveyor Needed



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