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Will my wasps and wasp nest just go away?

At this time of year, we often get asked if wasps and the wasp nest they live in will ‘just go away’. Wasp nests are at the height of their power in August and really start to make their presence felt if you have one on your property. Maybe you’ve never had a wasp nest before? Maybe you have but it was years ago? Or maybe you get a wasp nest built in your property every year.

So, its not unreasonable to question if wasps will just disappear. I mean, they appeared, right? so it makes sense that they will go away again? Yes. Of course it does.

The answer is that the wasps will disappear – usually by Christmas if you can wait that long.

The wasp nest will not.

Wasp-nest-in-bush-300x179You see, wasps, bumblebees and Hornets are seasonal insects. They emerge from hibernation at the end of the winter, build a wasp nest (or hornets nest) live out their lives during the Summer, raise new queens and then the whole thing disperses and they die off. The new queen wasps go into hibernation but will never go back to the old wasp nest.

The wasps nest is a beautiful structure that is used once and then lies dormant before crumbling away to dust after a few years. Some of our clients often ask if the nest needs to be removed and the answer is: its down to personal choice.

If you want to get the nest  removed, that is fine.

If you don’t – that’s fine too. It won’t damage your house or  necessarily mean that you will have to put up with wasps or hornets next year. I absolutely promise that its not necessary to remove a hornets nest or wasps nest from your house.  The fact that you have had a wasp nest doesn’t mean you get another one.

Often our customers will say something like ‘We’ve lived here (at their address) for 20 years and never had a wasp problem.’ Well, they probably won’t have one for another 20 years. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully you won’t have one too. `If its not a pest, it’ll be gone by Christmas. If it is a pest, we can help you fix it and give you a wasp-free Summer.

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