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Getting rid of moles has nothing to do with luck

Getting rid of moles: making a mountain out of a molehill.

So its the time of year that moles are really making their presences felt. Getting rid of moles is something that gardeners and dedicated estate managers are very keen to do. Catching moles isn’t easy: but is often necessary for aesthetic and health and safety reasons. We catch a lot of moles. I mean, many, many moles. Often we are called in when estate managers of gardeners can’t cope. We also help gardeners to protect their pride and joy. Part of getting rid of moles is selecting the right company to work with. A lady called us the other day wanting to find out how to catch moles. They had been at bay for a few month – then entered the garden. She mentioned that she’d had another company in but they’d had limited success. She wanted to know if we would ‘be luckier’. I replied that I’m afraid we wouldn’t be because mole control is nothing to do with luck: its about knowledge, experience and adaptability.

But you just put the traps is the ground don’t you?

Getting rid of moles which create hills like these takes considerable skill and expertise
Enough to drive the most mild-mannered gardener crazy.
When you ask ‘how do i catch a mole?’, the first thing many do is go to a local garden centre. They ask for a mole trap and are usually directed to a display where some nice shiny ‘scissors’ traps are to be found.They’ll then ask : ‘Do any mole traps work?’ they may buy one, take it home, put it right next to the biggest molehill. Then, after a few days, they might move it…and then again, and again and again, and so it starts – the frustration. Because you can’t catch it. its not your fault – you’re just dealing with the wrong end of the problem.   The worst case I’ve seen was in a village near Rutland water. This house is wonderful with the kind of lawn that lawn companies would pay to photograph for their marketing material. The owner (a very nice guy)  had lost our number and had got another company in to get rid of a few moles. Their traps were still in the ground when we came to have a look at what had happened. Basically, there were molehills everywhere. How long had they been trying to catch the moles? Well, it surprised us: 6 months!! 6 months of promises. 6 months of wandering round a field. 6 months of somehow  managing not to catch a mole: now that is an achievement. We were asked whether we’d have more luck. The honest answer is: No. Luck has nothing to do with it. A great mole catcher can look at the land and will know where to start catching moles. He’ll work less because he is skilled. He’ll probably use less traps, lay them more safely and neatly and return sooner because he knows he’s going to catch the animal more quickly than the other person. It’ll also be more humane as he knows how to set the trap correctly. How does he know all this? Because he’s been trained. Its nothing to do with luck. If you’ve had enough of relying on luck, why not call us on 0800 092 5259 and we can have a chat about the problem. We won’t be as cheap but at least we know how to remove moles from you garden, farm or estate.

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